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About Us

Our history of working with industry leaders in every field, combined with 10+ years of development, has made Docwire the longest standing, most dynamic text extraction SDK on the market.

Who Are We

What began as your run of the mill garage band of Commodore 64 tinkerers, has now expanded to a rag-tag team of developers and marketers with a bleeding passion for cutting edge tech. We feel immense pride in every step we take, which is something we believe shows in the quality of what we produce.

Our ear-to-the-ground approach not only ensures that we supply a product that is sought after on the market, but is one of, if not the most influential motivator for our actions. Solving self-identified issues is one thing, but helping a client solve their own puzzle is what ultimately scratches that problem-solving itch. We very much operate on a "problem first" basis, prioritizing utility and faster sprints through the disposal of myopic features.

As we've continued to tinker with the SDK (as well as various consoles) we've set our eyes on a new goal - Becoming the time saving backbone of digital document processing.

This vision has been the guiding hand for all of our actions, leading Docwire to secure industry-leading clients such as PwC Singapore and Tausight who both dominate the finance and healthcare cyber security sectors respectively.

We are now eagerly preparing for the next step in our journey. Might that be a partnership with you?