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Harpo is all about help for disabled people. Our products give access to knowledge, workplace and entertainment.


What is


Harpo specializes in VisualAid, providing state-of-the-art tools to vision impaired individuals and organizations on a global scale. They work tirelessly to find new solutions for people to experience the world, work which demands continuous research and a drive for excellence.

Why were Docwire approached?

We as humans use more than one sense to experience the world. With today's tech, an inability to read no longer equals an inability to enjoy the written word - which is why Harpo reached out. They needed a smart text extraction solution that could work in symbiosis with their synthesizers, a tool that could extract and feed text into their ecosystem in a logically structured and reliable manner.

What did we do?

The Docwire SDK comes with a whole heap of solutions ready to be implemented, among which is text extraction support for all popular file formats. By providing the SDK to the team at Harpo, they were able to build the core functionality necessary to extract data from digital documents and feed into their synthesizer.

What were the results?

Harpo has now executed on that vision, providing a tool which not only reads standard text out loud, but also tables and other sources using structured formats.