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"As Singapore continues its digital transformation journey towards becoming a Smart Nation, there is a growing need for society and businesses alike to embrace technology"


What is

PwC Singapore

PwC is a financial giant, providing services and creating value for companies around the world. Boasting over 300,000 employees and $50 billion in revenue in their last fiscal year.

Why were Docwire approached?

Docwire were approached by project managers dealing with external auditing, looking to implement a tool that could reliably extract text from unstructured text and data sources. The goal was to implement an automated solution that were compliant with their current data management system, a complimentary module to the reporting structure.

What did we do?

The team at Docwire has over the years developed a vast library of functions, able to extract text from all popular file formats. It so happens that the Docwire SDK included the parts necessary to expand the data extraction functionality of their operations.

What were the results?

Now, the Docwire SDK and it's abilities plays an integral role in PwC's auditing solution. Providing a tool which scans, extracts and structures data from unstructured data sources.