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The First Situational ePHI Awareness Platform for Healthcare

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Existing cybersecurity tools and methods are generic and not specific to the challenges faced in healthcare. Tausight is purpose-built to solve the distinct problems in healthcare.


What is


Tausight is what’s called a ePHI awareness platform, utilizing bleeding-edge systems including machine learning and neural networks to better the security of sensitive information within healthcare.

Why were Docwire approached?

With security as the top priority, Tausight approached us with a unique challenge - Provide a bespoke text mining addon to include in their security monitoring operations with the ability to extract text quickly and securely whilst keeping resource consumption low.

What did we do?

So that’s exactly what we provided! The tool was:

  • Quick, extracting and feeding live data into their systems
  • Lightweight, utilizing C++ binary code to save on resources no matter the machine.
  • Secure, the solution can operate locally on any workstation without any external connections to third-party solutions.

What were the results?

Docwire and Tausight worked hand in hand to develop a module that, combined with their platform, continuously scans, extracts and flags potential security threats and leaks.